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Pure Play Poker | What You Need To Know

Pure Play Poker | What You Need To Know


If you are interested in Pure Play Poker you’ll be pleased to know that there are now similar sites on the web. As you have probably already gathered though Pure Play Poker is not a form of gambling, it’s all about winning big cash.

Pure Play Poker




Pure Play Poker all started back in 2005 and was developed as an alternative to traditional gambling based poker sites. The purpose was to make it possible for users to win big, but limit their potential losses at the same time. This was implemented by a simple membership system – either free or pay a monthly fee. Register, go to the Pure Play Poker download and that’s it -you then get to enjoy playing (and winning) without further loss, knowing you are not going to lose all if you hit a bad run. The cash prizes vary in size depending on what type of pure play poker game you choose to play in. With Pure Play Poker you can pit your wits against who you wish.


Basically the stress factor on losing it all has been taken out, so you can concentrate solely on what counts – winning! Pure Play Poker is all about winning without gambling, We’ve even got a link below to show you how to win.

Pure Play Poker




Click on the link above to learn all about the winning techniques. Learn how the pros do it.

Pure Play Poker | Changes to US Gambling Sites


The interest in this type of site is enormous and its huge growth has been fuelled by one thing – the changes to US law regarding Poker sites. A US ban was enforced making it illegal for American citizens to participate in online gaming in October 2006. This is still in force so Pure Play Poker type sites are where particularly American citizens can enjoy playing without fear of legal issues.


Because of the structure of the membership scheme, users are not deemed as gambling, but competing in competitions. You get to play poker in exactly the same way as before; including favourites like Pure Play Holdem and it is all legal.


Pure Play Poker | Big Money Prizes

All you have to do is register an account and download the software and you are ready to go. With up to $100,000 dollars in prizes there is plenty to win. Pure Play Poker style sites are the way forward. If you think you are any good at pure play poker the place to be is the National League Of Poker (NLOP). Its online site has been established since 2006 and is both US based and 100% legal. Check them out; you can play anytime – 24/7 and no deposit is needed. If it is Pure Play Holdem types you are after they’ve got it here.

Pure Play Poker




Pure Play Poker is all about playing without risk. Your family can be reassured with the knowledge that you are not going to lose it all because the membership fee is all you pay. And the great thing is, you can’t lose back your winnings, because you can carry on playing with having to put it back in, remember all you pay is your monthly membership. They can’t get you to lose your winnings! Pure Play Poker type sites are the smart way.


Pure Play Poker | Such A Simple Idea


It is such a simple idea, why didn’t someone think of it before? Pure Play Poker type sites are the way forward.

Pure Play Poker




On the Pure Play Poker type site NLOP you have 3 types of membership: Free, $4.99 per month and $19.99 per month so it suits all budgets. This makes it so desirable for anyone who loves Poker. The Pure Play Poker or rather the NLOP download is the starting place to get playing.  If you want Pure Play Poker, check out NLOP now!

Pure Play Poker type sites are here to stay